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By: Carol C. Schwartz

The baby Jesus was becoming fussy in the manger. He was getting cold and started to shiver. Holding him close to her bosom, Mary just could not quiet him. All of the animals gathered around, as if trying to keep the Baby Jesus warm, thus assisting Mary in trying to settle him. This was not working. However, all of a sudden, the stable tabby kitty jumped into the manger, curled up next to Jesus, and began to rub the side and body of the baby. The tabby kitty purred and purred and purred, which seemed to soothe Jesus so much that he went off to sleep contented and warm. Mary was so thankful and happy that she made the mark of her own "M" initial upon the kitty's forehead. Then Mary kissed the forehead of the tabby. Today, all tabby cats wear the "M" in honor of Mary. And, now the world knows how the beautiful tabby kitty pleased Jesus and saved him from the cold.