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By Carol C. Schwartz

Chapter 1 - Fleeing From The Bull

Hello! My name is Lollipop and I am a country kitty,
I live down on the farm with the cows and chickens.
Playing with Grandma and Pa is something I love,
But playing with the pigs scares me like the dickens.

Just having a wonderful life and the smell of the outdoors,
Keeps me robust, healthy, rigorous and strong.
Loving the catnip garden, is one of my favorite things,
Many times I find I am doing stuff wrong.

One day Mr. Bull was asleep in the pasture,
I thought perhaps a visit I would try to pay.
I did not know he would get upset and try to scare me,
Mr. Bull stood up and on me snorted a spray.

Running like a cheetah, I scampered,
From the field and Mr. Bull, I fled in fear.
Never ever looking behind me to see,
By chance, I did pray for my way to be clear.

I kept running until I ran into Grandma,
Who lifted me up, petted and held me close,
Giving me solace and putting me at ease,
Picking for me to smell, a fresh garden rose.

Grandma made me feel so much better and superior,
She always told me I was the prettiest and the best.
And then I jumped from her arms and was off again,
Because I went to visit and see Mrs. Chicken's nest.

Being tired after all of this, I went to the stream for a drink,
I was very thirsty and had some refreshing water.
Thinking about climbing the old oak tree down the path,
A car was approaching, looking, it was Grandma's daughter.

Instead, I headed for the house to visit with the company,
I took a flying leap and raced for the living room,
Whereupon I found my favorite pillow and curled into a ball,
Thinking about my day I went to sleep like a boom.

Chapter 2 - Bubble Trouble

Hello! My name is Lollipop and I am a country kitty,
I live down on the farm, and sometimes I get in trouble.
Tuesday, I was in the catnip patch way too long; and,
For the rest of the day I thought that I was a bubble.

Aunt Kordelia came to visit, she thinks I am cute,
But quickly adds to the cute phrase the word mischief.
Well, when I saw she had some chicken for Grandma,
Knowing it would be tasty, I became a thief.

Out the door I darted and down the path I ran,
I did not stop until I got to Pa's big oak tree.
Then I cleaned all my paws and licked my chops,
I climbed up the oak, curled into an arm, I was free.

Awakened by noises from all around me; and
Hearing Grandma and Pa calling my name,
Being worried about me I think they were afraid,
I thought that I should stop playing this game.

I scrambled out of the big oak as fast as I could,
Being grateful of their concern for me, made me proud.
Running to Grandma and Pa, rubbing against their legs,
I love them both so not do that again, I vowed.

"Come on Lollipop, follow me." said Grandma,
We went to check on the new foal in the barn,
After that, I followed Grandma into the house
Grandma played with me using her ball of yarn.

It was soon dusk which meant the day's end,
I decided to sharpen my claws on the scratching post,
Maybe I would go upstairs to the new bed Pa bought me,
It was so soft, but I just hoped I would not see a ghost.

Chapter 3 - Work, Work and More Work

Hello! My name is Lollipop and I am a country kitty,
I live down on the farm, where there is a lot to do.
Everyday I have many duties and chores to perform,
Some days there is just too too much from my point of view.

"Lollipop! Go check the barn and chase out the vermin,"
I dashed from the house and down the pathway through the gate.
Into the barn I went to search for mice and other pests,
Checking each stall and corner, this job was off my plate.

And now it was on to the garden to see if Mr. Scarecrow,
Was doing his job, by keeping away the birds.
Gingerly walking down the rows, robins pulling up worms,
I will always believe the scarecrow is a nerd.

Up to the walnut orchard was the next place to go,
To see that the squirrels were not destroying the nuts.
Yikes, there were several running around today,
But finally got the movement out of their butts.

Down the trail I ran to the old oak tree.
Climbing up and down the tree then took pause,
Finally I was able to do just as I wished today,
And now was the time to sharpen my claws.

Back to the house I sprinted to see Grandma,
She was placing on the kitchen floor a saucer of cream,
I purred and purred a loud thank you for Grandma,
Then finished the delicious treat, and next on to a dream.

Chapter 4 - Into the Woods

Hello! My name is Lollipop, and I am a country kitty,
I live down on the farm, and wanted to go for a stroll.
So I started down toward the pond and into the woods,
On my way running down the hill I fell into a hole.

Picking myself up and out of my pickle, I continued,
Toward the pond, as I thought I would like to fish.
I sat on the bank, waiting for a bite, thinking,
About catching and eating my tasty dish.

I was successful this day catching a small trout,
Being anxious to get it to the bank for my lunch.
Falling into the water was a foul thing for me to do,
I dried myself off, saved my trout, and had a great brunch.

There was a big green bullfrog croaking on a lily pad,
It made me wonder how he did not sink but could float.
He sat so proudly on the pad like he was the King,
I guess he was using the lily pad as his boat.

Skipping along down the trail past the pond,
I ran into several butterflies, fluttering along.
They were talking and paying no attention to me,
Carefully listening in case they would break into song.

The chirping and songs I was hearing now were the birds,
I guess they were looking for a place to stay for the night.
It was getting late in day, and dusk was coming near,
I wanted to watch the birds gather together for flight.

Continuing into the deeper part of the dark woods,
Suddenly, I came across an animal, black and white.
He smelled badly and I was afraid to approach him,
So instead I decided to turn slowly and take flight.

Praying I would remember my way back home,
I scurried along at top speed, fell many times,
Thinking of Grandma and Pa, expecting to see them
Maybe they would not even know me full of grime.

Yes, this is correct, I can hear the bullfrog croaking,
I am nearing the pond, it should be on my right.
Being careful now not to slip and fall into the water,
I know now where I am and things are looking bright.

Ah, yes I am almost out of the woods now,
I will always keep in mind home is the best of all.
Adventure is splendid, once in awhile,
But, I will remember that this day I had a ball.

Chapter 5 - Home Sweet Home

Hello! My name is Lollipop and I am a country kitty,
I live down on the farm, with my lovely Grandma and Pa.
I am pampered and I am treated in the best manner possible,
In fact, everyone who visits here is pleasant, for it is the law.

Pa found me in the wood shed a very long time ago,
Covered with cute grey stripes all over me, like candy.
Silver and white with green eyes, I was dressed up so pretty,
Grandma thought I should be named Lollipop, a dandy.

Grandma carried me in her apron to the kitchen and,
Placed me behind the warm stove in a comfy little bed.
I stayed here for several weeks eating and sleeping until,
I was old enough to walk around after being fed.

I began purring for Grandma and Pa to show my love,
Playing with them and pouncing and leaping about.
Rain or shine every day, I think I brought them delight,
Running to them as fast as I could made no doubt.

Growing up was such fun with them, and learning,
All my chores especially mousing was a great feat.
Loving the farm as well as duties was a special part
Of my life, and Grandma and Pa really made it neat.

Sometimes I was out too late in the evenings,
I would hear a sound like a laugh way high up in a tree.
Or a sudden rustle and I would scurry in the darkness,
To get inside the house was a comforting fit of flee.

The love of my life are my wonderful caregivers,
And, as for me, I am one of the world's luckiest kitties.
Grandma and Pa are a lovable hard-working couple,

Living on the farm is so nice rather than the city.



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